Dibea Vacuum Cleaner Problems & Troubleshooting

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Dibea brand of vacuum cleaners. They are a Chinese company that has been making vacuums for a few years now. I have had the pleasure of trying out their newest model, the C-9000.

Overall, I thought it was a decent vacuum cleaner. However, I did encounter some problems with it. In this blog post, I will go over those problems and how to troubleshoot them. Stay tuned!

Dibea Vacuum Not Working

First, make sure the vacuum is plugged in and that the power switch is turned on. Next, check that the dustbin is properly seated in place. If the dustbin is not properly seated, the suction will be reduced.

If the vacuum still isn’t working, please contact Dibea customer service for assistance.

Dibea Vacuum Not Charging

It sounds like you may have a faulty vacuum. I would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer or retailer to see if they can help troubleshoot the issue or offer a replacement.

How to Clean Dibea Vacuum Head

To clean the vacuum head, remove the brushroll and empty the debris chamber. Remove any hair or threads caught in the bristles of the brushroll.

Dip the brushroll in a bowl of water and mild detergent, then rotate it several times to remove any dirt or debris. Shake off any excess water, then reattach the brushroll to the vacuum head.

Dibea Vacuum Brush not Spinning

It sounds like the belt has come off of the brush roller. Here are the instructions for how to replace it:

  1. Turn off the vacuum cleaner and unplug it from the power outlet.
  2. Remove the dustbin completely from the machine and set it aside.
  3. Locate the screws on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner and remove them with a screwdriver.
  4. Gently pull up on top of the vacuum cleaner until it comes free from its casing.
  5. Now you should be able to see the brush roller attached to a small belt – this is what needs to be replaced.
  6. Loosen the screws that hold the brush roller in place, then remove and replace the roller. Make sure to screw the screws back in tightly to ensure good contact between the roller and the shaft.

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