Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors: Reviews & Risks

If you are stranded and confused about what to use in cleaning your hardwood floors, the best steam mops offer you an effective solution that will make your floor look amazing.

Steam mops are all-in-one devices for cleaning dirt, stain, as well as smears.

Considerations before steam cleaning a hardwood floor

Before you think of buying a steam mop for the hardwood floor, you should consider several factors discussed below.

1. Type of Hardwood floor

There are two main types of hardwood floors that may influence your choice of steam mopping as a cleaning option, and they are sealed and engineered hardwood floors. If you have a sealed hardwood floor you can always use steam mops.

However, those with engineered hardwood floors should avoid using steam mops and instead use normal damp mops.

2. Cost of Mops

You definitely will want to consider the cost of buying and maintaining a steam mop before you decide to buy one for your floor cleaning activities.

Do steam mops work on hardwood floors?

You may be wondering are steam mops good for hardwood floors? Yes, steam mops are good for cleaning hardwood floors as long as care is taken to ensure that you do not overdo the steaming.

Generally speaking, steam mops work perfectly for sealed hardwood floors because these are designed to prevent water from entering into the adhesive joints.

Best Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors

After reviewing our market, we managed to assemble some of the best steam mop cleaners with the best features that help to make your hardwood floor clean and drives away all your stresses.

#1 Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is a multipurpose steam mop cleaner as it is designed for both cleaning and sanitation.

Apart from cleaning your hardwood floor, the device is also effective for combating bedbugs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner comes with a flexible is designed to effectively remove dirt, and grease along with sanitizing the floor.
  • This device is capable to kill up to 99% of pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.
  • The device does not require any specialized pads to handle but instead you can use a regular hand towel.
  • It is multipurpose as it can effectively clean your hardwood floors as well as sanitizing them.
  • It does not require any harsh chemical disinfectants to kill germs.
  • Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner has a 2 years warranty and the steam cleaner boiler having a lifetime warranty.
  • This device is heavy-duty and cleans up to 50 minutes of cleaning time per fill-up.

#2 Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System is an effective device that offers a quick cleaning process for your hardwood floor.

Features & Benefits:

  • Shark Genius is made of double-sided mop pads that ensure you do not make many passes during the cleaning process.
  • The device’s mop head can easily maneuver even to had to reach place since it is mounted on a swivel joint.
  • The mop pads are effective to use since they are more absorbent designed to be used even up to 20 times before thinking of a replacement.
  • The mop head is large and offers a quick cleaning process for your hardwood floor.
  • The device is relatively cheap and affordable for every customer.
  • Its mop head can be attached and detached with a simple quick-release switch.

#3 iwoly M11 Steam Mop

The iwoly M11 Steam Mop cleaner is perfect for use at home since the device does not require any chemicals while cleaning the hardwood floors.

Features & Benefits:

  • iwoly M11 stem cleaner is multipurpose as it can be used for different kinds of floors including hardwood, carpet, tile, and laminate.
  • It is equipped with a 2-setting intelligent more effective for controlling the amount of steam- increasing or decreasing while using to clean your floor.
  • The device comes with its carpet glider hence reducing the additional costs of purchasing another glider.
  • The device is highly maneuverable for cleaning tight spaces and hard-to-reach places in your home.
  • The device is made of a high foot power of 16.5 capable of maximizing its flexibility.

#4 Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Cleaner

Light ‘N’ Easy steam cleaner is versatile and can clean any other floor apart from the hardwood floors.

Features & Benefits:

  • Light ‘N’ Easy steam cleaner is equipped with 3 different settings effective for cleaning other surfaces without risking damage.
  • The device is designed in a pivoted head more effective even in tight spaces-had to reach places in your home.
  • The device is light hence convenient while working with it.
  • It is easy to use as it does not require any expertise.
  • It has a 20-foot long cord designed to cover a large surface.
  • The three settings equipped on this steam mop cleaner give you the ability to handle daily cleaning without stressing.

#5 O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

O-Cedar is a microfiber steam mop cleaner that is lightweight, durable, and versatile.

Features & Benefits:

  • O-Cedar steam mop cleaner has a handy attachment for spot cleaning both on the hardwood floor, carpet, and furniture.
  • The device is more effective for hardwood floors since it heats up quickly minimizing the cleaning time.
  • This steam cleaner can easily maneuver to all areas needed to be clean on your hardwood floors.
  • It is capable of holding a large amount of water hence reducing constant refiling while working with it.
  • O-Cedar steam mop cleaner is lightweight hence convenient to work with.
  • It is more convenient as the water heats up in just 20 seconds.

Benefits of steam cleaning hardwood floors

If you have hardwood floors, it’s important to keep them clean. The best way to do this is by steam mopping them with a specialized cleaner and mop.

1. Removes Dirt and Bacteria

Steam mopping hardwood floors will not only remove dirt but bacteria as well.

2. Takes Less Time

Steam mopping takes less time than traditional floor cleaning methods so your home stays fresh and clean without breaking the bank.

3. Improves Floor Durability

A thorough steam mopping can also lengthen the life of your wood flooring, saving you money in repairs over time.

FAQs on Steam Mopping Hardwood Floors

Can you put floor cleaner in a Steam Mop?

Well, you should not make it a habit of putting cleaners in the steam mop because cleaners include chemicals that might harm the steam mop or make it dangerous to use.

Chemicals may build up on the flash heater or boiler of a steam mop, limiting heat transmission and, as a result, halting the steam.

Do steam mops work on hardwood floors?

Well, depending on the type of hardwood floor, some steam mops are good for hardwood floors. However, it is not recommended because even when dealing with sealed hardwood floors, steam may still seep through the joints and damage the wood.

Can I use a steam mop on engineered hardwood floors?

No, you should not use a steam mop on engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwoods are joined using adhesives, which can be affected by steam cleaning, despite their durability on the surface.

Moisture can leak between the layers, causing the connection to deteriorate and the flooring to be permanently damaged.

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