Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners by Consumer Reports

We have availed a variety of Handheld vacuum cleaners on our market to provide you with a quick cleaning without the stresses of heavy lifting and hogging precious storage space.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon

We have reviewed and found out that the following brands are more powerful for they are designed with the latest technology.

#1. Hand Vac (BLACK + DECKER) Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Hand vac vacuum is designed by BLACK+DECKER with a slim nozzle to ensure a cyclonic action that relieves you from the worries of filters on your floor.


  • Hand vac has a dustbowl capacity of 13 ounces for the effective cleaning task
  • This device is designed with lithium technology to provide strong suction and extended run time.
  • The tool comes with an increased bowl capacity, washable bowl, and filter for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • It has a wide mouth design for large debris and cyclonic action.
  • Hand vac helps to keep the filter clean and suction strong.
  • This brand is perfect for those customers who love movements as it is of lightweight and portable.
  • This tool does not require you any technical know-how to use as it only requires you to power on or off using the button.

#2. Brigii Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Whenever you are looking for the best cleaner that will cater to your home cleaning services and can be recharged, Brigii Mini is the great choice for you.


  • Brigii has a dual surface for effective suction and blowing function.
  • This tool has a smart design with enough cyclone suction suitable for kitchen cabinets.
  • Made from a reliable lithium battery technology with a battery that is durable for longer use.
  • The vacuum cleaner has 3 interchangeable nozzles which are practical crevice tools suitable for cleaning hard to reach areas.
  • This handheld vacuum cleaner is small and easy to carry from one location to the other.
  • It easy to assemble and disassemble this device while cleaning it.


  • Brigii Mini is only available in dark gray color.

#3. Vaclife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Powered by Li-ion Battery

The upholstery surface of Vaclife Vacuum cleaner will make you like it for it easy not only attractive but capable of effective blowing of the filter under crevices.


  • This handheld Vacuum can free your movement for cleaning your stairs, kitchen, cars, or hard to reach corners without cable.
  • This tool is available in our market with an improved HEPA FILTER, which is exquisite workmanship with long durability.
  • This tool provides a deep cleaning effect for your house and car as it has 3 attachments.
  • It designed with a LED light that is bright effective for cleaning dark corners
  • The handheld vacuum is rechargeable
  • This device comes with a brush tool, a crevice nozzle tool, an extension soft pipe, an adapter, and a carry case.


  • A customer reported that the stainless filter in the vacuum cleaner locked in the dirt.

#4. Homasy Home Cleaning Vacuum

For those who love back colors, Homasy is here to address your problem with a carpet designed surface.


  • Homasy provides a powerful cyclonic suction up to 8kpa.
  • This powerful vacuum utilizes a super strong power motor with fade-free power to provide all-round protection.
  • Has a high capacity Lithium battery capacity with a working time of up to 30 min suitable for cleaning larger surface areas.
  • This vacuum cleaner comes with a 600ml large capacity for effective performance.
  • It is made with a detachable dustbowl for easy and quick cleaning- comes with 2 durable non- woven filters.


  • One of our customers reported that the Homasy cleaning tool was unable to address dogs her embedded in the carpeted stairs.

#5. Audew-Upgraded Home and Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

I highly recommend Audew cleaner for customers who do not like quick replacements of their devices as this brand comes with a durable filter and is easy to clean and maintain.


  • The Audew handheld vacuum cleaner comes with 3 kinds of attachments; containing a crevice nozzle for narrow gaps, corners, and liquids, as well as brush nozzles for dust particles.
  • This cleaner clean works constantly for 25-30 minutes after fully charged for 3-5 hours.
  • It is easy to clean this tool because of its detachable features such as a HEPA filter.
  • The vacuum cleaner is designed with a cyclone technology to provide a continuous and powerful suction
  • It is effective for cleaning not only dust but also paper scraps and small stones.


  • Audew vacuum cleaner gets filled faster and it becomes tedious emptying it frequently.

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